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decluttering and reorganising services

Are there certain rooms in your home or office that you simply avoid since you just can’t bear the thought of organising and rearranging things? Does that spare room or office resemble a jumble sale rather than a beautifully organised storage room or guest room?

Reorganising services

From Top to Bottom Decluttering and Clearance

If you find yourself unable to cope, or just don’t wish to be dealing with decluttering and reorganising the contents of your space, worry no more.  Top Down cleaning offer a fabulous decluttering and reorganising service just for you.  We can work room by room, or do one-off room decluttering, sorting and clearance to suit your needs.  We can start in the garage and work our way through the entire house if you like? Whichever room it is that’s bothering you, get in touch today and we can discuss the type of clearance service you need.  You’ll feel a complete sense of relief once our team have restored your home or office space to its former glory!

Top Down Cleaning provide the following services:

Home Organisation and Decluttering

This services provides you with content disposal and help in sorting and reorganising all the clutter in your home or office.

Garage Clearance

The garage is one of those places that can get completely out of hand when it comes to storage.  No doubt your garage is chock full of old tools, electrical items, rancid paint pots, garden supplies, car spares and more.  The Top Down team will either reorganise what’s in your garage, or we can remove the entire contents.

Summerhouse Clearance & Reorganisation

A good spring clean, reorganise and clearance is what’s often required as we add gardening tools, old and broken garden furniture, dirty plant pots, and more during the winter months.  Let our team reorganise and clear your summerhouse in readiness for the summer months!

Loft Clearance

After years of adding an item or two here and there, suddenly the loft has become a no-go area!  Filled with items that you’ll never use again, have out grown, or simply no longer need. Our loft clearance team will be happy to assist in clearing and tidying your loft so that you can start all over again!

Wardrobe Makeover & Clearance

Perhaps you are one of those individuals who never throws away old clothing and now the wardrobe is so overloaded that you simply can’t find anything, and end up wearing the same outfits over and over again.  Don’t fret – Top Down cleaning can help with wardrobe clearance too.

Room Clearance

Whichever area or room it is at your location that’s causing angst, let us help relieve the stress.  We can arrange a date and time that’s convenient for you to review your trouble spots.  We’ll provide you with a quote in no time at all your’ll find your office is home is finally your again.

Get in touch today to discuss your decluttering, reorganising and house clearance needs.

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